Watermelon White Sangria Recipe

White sangria recipe made with watermelon, nectarine and St. Germain! cookieandkate.com

Funny thing. I’ve consumed two glasses of this sangria and I’m fumbling for the proper words to describe it. How about, “Best white sangria ever?” Bold statement, but I’m not kidding around. Yeah, I see your sangria bet and I’ll raise you twenty.

watermelon sangria recipe

Watermelon is key. It infuses white wine with fresh summer flavor, and the little cubes float on top, just waiting to get scooped out and eaten like boozy fruit salad. The raspberries don’t add a lot of flavor, but they’re like rubies on the ocean floor. You’ll find them once you polish off your glass.

summer sangria

I’ve always gotten hung up on which liquor/liqueur to use in white sangria. I hate syrupy Cointreau and brandy never seems quite right. It finally occurred to me that I could pour in some St. Germain, a delicately flavored elderflower liqueur with just the right amount of sweetness.

Watermelon sangria - cookieandkate.com

I don’t love most liqueurs, but I’ve yet to meet a woman (or man) who doesn’t appreciate St. Germain. It goes great with gin, vodka, cucumber and fruity drinks. It’s on the pricier side (about $33 for that pretty bottle shown above), so feel free to buy a 50 mL miniature bottle and call it good. Or if you must, skip it altogether for summery, fruity wine.

how to make watermelon sangria

If you’re looking for more summer cocktail inspiration, do I have a list for you! This cocktail is part of Sherrie and Renee’s #DRINKTHESUMMER extravaganza. Check out their posts on their blogs, With Food + Love and Will Frolic For Food for the full list of forty seasonal sips!

Watermelon white sangria! cookieandkate.com

  • Watermelon white sangria recipe (make some before summer ends!) cookieandkate.com


    Watermelon sangria with St. Germain - cookieandkate.com

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