Sous Vide Chinese Drunken Wine Chicken Recipe {#progressiveeats}

Sous Vide Chinese Drunken Wine Chicken - this is a traditional Chinese chicken recipe that is served cold, often as an appetizer. Sous vide guarantees a moist and juicy chicken

Sous Vide Chicken Drunken Wine Chicken is a modern interpretation of an authentic traditional Chinese chicken dish.

Sous Vide Chinese Drunken Wine Chicken - this is a traditional Chinese chicken recipe that is served cold, often as an appetizer. Sous vide guarantees a moist and juicy chicken

I’ve been using sous vide to cook chicken over the past year and I love how moist and juicy the chicken comes out. There’s no chance of ending up with dry chicken when you use sous vide as a cooking technique unless you set the temperature too high.

There are different temperatures and cooking times suggested for cooking chicken by a number of sources, including, The Modernist Cuisine cookbook, and You really need to try cooking chicken at different temperatures to decide for yourself which one you prefer.

I like my chicken tender and juicy (like poached or steamed chicken), not well done and stringy (like an overcooked roasted chicken). If you’ve ever had Chinese White Cut Chicken (poached chicken), you will understand the texture I try to achieve when making sous vide chicken.

I’ve tried cooking boneless chicken breast at 58 degrees celsius and it’s a little too pink for me, but at 61 degrees celsius, it’s perfect for my taste.

I have to say that I was sorely disappointed when I cooked my first batch of boneless chicken thighs for this recipe at 75 degrees celsius for an hour and a half based on ChefSteps’ Sous Vide cooking guide. According to The Modernist Cuisine, I should have cooked dark meat at 64 degrees for an hour and a half.

Once you find the right temperature that suits your taste, I highly recommend writing it down and putting a big asterisk next to it for future reference. I’ve forgotten to do that a number of times, so that is why I am officially posting it here on my blog.

Now, onto the Chinese Drunken Wine Chicken recipe. The traditional method of making this dish is to poach a whole chicken in water, scallion, and ginger, then chop it up and let it marinade in a solution of the poached chicken broth, rice wine and salt.

Since I used sous vide to cook the chicken, I used boneless chicken, salted each piece lightly, and laid slices of ginger, onion and scallions on top before vacuum sealing it. Once the chicken was cooked, I simply cut it up and let it marinate in the rice wine/chicken broth mixture.

Sous Vide Chinese Rice Wine Drunken Chicken would make a nice appetizer for a Chinese meal, or can be served as a main course.

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