Roasted Carrots with Farro & Chickpeas

This roasted carrot recipe looks gourmet, but it's surprisingly easy to make! It would look beautiful on your Thanksgiving table.

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roasted carrot salad ingredients

Can we talk about how beautiful those rainbow carrots are?! You are looking good today, carrots. Looking good. So utterly dazzling, in fact, that I can hardly take my eyes off of those carrots to write about the rest of this recipe. Here we go.

Roasted carrots -

This stunning roasted carrot recipe features warm whole grains, protein-rich chickpeas, spiced pepitas and a light herbed crème fraîche sauce. Don’t be intimidated by its gourmet looks—it’s remarkably simple to make, once you get down to it. This recipe would be a lovely vegetarian option/side dish on the holiday table or a well-balanced weeknight dinner.

Vermont Creamy creme fraiche

Whew. I want to point out that crème fraîche sauce. Crème fraîche is new to me, so I imagine it’s probably new to a lot of you as well. Basically, it’s a French version of sour cream. It’s a thick, cultured cream that offers lovely, rich flavor and a light tang.

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You can use crème fraîche in recipes that call for sour cream or heavy cream, whether savory or sweet. It’s a great addition to soups because, unlike sour cream, it won’t curdle at high temperatures.

This gourmet roasted carrot dish is surprisingly easy to make!

Crème fraîche is becoming more widely available at grocery stores now, thanks to Vermont Creamery . You may have noticed that bright pink container in the gourmet cheese area of your stores, so you now you know what it is! I have found it at Whole Foods and at several grocery stores near me. Vermont Creamery works with dairy farmers in the Vermont area to produce superior dairy products without added growth hormones, so I feel good recommending their products to you.

Roasted rainbow carrots with farro, chickpeas, pepitas and parsley -

  • This roasted carrot dish would look great on your holiday table! It's also a well-balanced weeknight dinner.


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