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Have you ever made hand pies? Or homemade pastries? These little raspberry-orange pies were my first experience. Driscoll’s challenged me to come up with a raspberry pie recipe, so I stepped up to the plate and spent a slow Sunday perfecting these babies. I tested different whole grain flour combinations, experienced an epic coconut oil crust-shattering fail, squished so much butter into dough and popped raspberries when I just couldn’t resist.

hand pie ingredients

Finally, I was finally rewarded with perfectly golden, flaky crust wrapped around juicy raspberry-orange filling. Raspberries are the star ingredient in the filling, which might seem a little unexpected given the time of year. I’ve always associated raspberries with blazing hot summer days, but did you know that there’s actually a second raspberry season that lasts until the first frost? Like all other sweet fall produce, raspberries play nicely with warming spices and winter citrus.

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These portable little pies aren’t complete without that orange zest-flecked cinnamon glaze, which contributes a Pop Tart-level irresistibility and some fun abstract stripes. I can’t imagine a kid or an adult who wouldn’t smile when they took a bite of these unexpected treats around the holidays.

raspberry filling

Fair warning: hand pies can be a little tricky, but if I can manage them, then I am confident you can, too. The key to a manageable dough and perfectly crackling crust is cold butter—you want little chunks of butter in there, which create flaky pockets in the dough.

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Source: Cookie and Kate