Lentil & Couscous Stuffed Peppers

Lentil couscous stuffed peppers, a simple and healthy weeknight meal! - cookieandkate.com

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bell peppers, lentils and couscous

Well hello! I’m in a tizzy with good news this morning and can’t wait to share with you all. There’s excitement in air, too. Can you feel it? Summer might be winding down, but I just spied a pumpkin at the store and I’m looking forward to all the fun activities that fall brings.

couscous and lentils

Before I get ahead of myself, I thought we’d better make good use of those glorious end-of-summer bell peppers. I wanted to make stuff bell peppers that weren’t super heavy and cheesy, so I drew some inspiration from Middle Eastern mujaddara and stuffed them with a simplified couscous version.

lentils and roasted peppers

Basically, the peppers roast in the oven while lentils simmer away on the stove, which then gives you some free time to properly season the couscous with aromatics and tomatoes. Then you just toss the lentils and couscous together with feta and basil, stuff the peppers and serve them right away.

how to make lentil stuffed peppers

I chose Bob’s Red Mill’s petite green lentils for this recipe because they retain their shape and look far more appetizing than the standard brown version. They’re cute, right? Like all lentils, they’re rich in fiber and iron, but this variety has more flavor than the rest.

Healthy lentil stuffed peppers - cookieandkate.com

I’ve bought lentils from bulk bins that have taken thirty to forty minutes to cook because they’ve been sitting on the shelf for so long, but these Bob’s Red Mill lentils took just over twenty minutes, which I take as a sign of their superior freshness.

Lentil stuffed peppers recipe! - cookieandkate.com

These stuffed peppers are a light meal, for sure, so I’d suggest pairing them with a big green salad. This one is my go-to, and the lemony dressing would go so well with the lemony lentils. Please let me know how you like this one! In hindsight, this recipe reminds me of Jeanine’s recent stuffed peppers recipe, so check out those beauties , too!

Healthy stuffed peppers! - cookieandkate.com

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