Freshen Up Dinnertime with Vegan Spring Rolls

Enjoy these spring rolls as an afternoon snack or even as your dinner’s main course. The rice vinegar adds a nice acidic bite while the sugar brings out the carrot’s natural sweetness. The flavor combo is divine, but you can really play with the fillings to tailor the roll to your taste. If you’re looking for some extra spice, add a slice of jalapeño or drizzle the whole roll in Sriracha.

I am blessed with taste buds that make cilantro taste good on everything, but if you’re part of the cilantro-hate club, try throwing a couple mint leaves in instead. I personally think that using purple cabbage, carrots, cucumber, and cilantro creates the perfect color-combo for a dope Instagram pic, but no matter what, it’s gonna look AND taste wonderful.

Don’t pass up on the vegan mayo Sriracha dip. It creates a nice smooth finish for the crunchy veggies. If you’re not vegan, I recommend using a low-fat mayo instead of the vegan mayo because it’s cheaper and it’s easier to find at a grocery store.

Even if you DO end up ripping the rice paper wrappers a little bit, I promise they taste just as grand. So get out your veggies and chop it like it’s hot because it may not be spring, but spring rolls are ALWAYS in season.

Source: Spoon University