Creamy Peach & Honey Popsicles

Creamy honey-sweetened peach popsicles -

Have you noticed that the days are getting shorter? Cookie and I are heading out the door earlier for our evening walk, and I’m scrambling to check off the summer recipes on my list while I still can.


Peaches are so plump and sweet right now; popsicles needed to happen. I killed two birds with one stone with these peach popsicles. They’re super simple—consisting of roasted peaches, honey and yogurt—and they taste just like you’d expect. Delicious, fruity and creamy.

peach popsicle ingredients

These popsicles are ultra creamy because I roasted the peaches into jammy submission, which reduces their water content while concentrating their sweet flavor, and opted for full-fat yogurt, too. Speaking of, every time I specify full-fat yogurt in a recipe, I get questions asking if you can use low-fat yogurt instead. If you use lower fat yogurt in this recipe, which has less fat and more water, you’ll get icier popsicles.

roasted peaches

That said, if you don’t share my totally bizarre, nails-on-a-chalkboard-like aversion to icy popsicles (also included: the sound of ice rubbing against ice, please tell me I’m not the only one), you can go ahead and make some with low-fat yogurt.

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However! If you’re worried about fat content, I would argue that a) these are reasonably sized (three-ounce!) treats and, b) full-fat yogurt still isn’t that high in fat or calories. I’m looking at the container right now and just about a third of the calories come from fat, which is nowhere near heavy cream and still less than your average cheese. It’s also very high in protein.

Creamy honey-sweetened peach popsicles -

For a dairy-free version, try substituting full-fat coconut milk for the yogurt. Hurry and make some while you still can!

Creamy honey-sweetened peach popsicles -

  • Creamy honey-sweetened peach popsicles -


    Creamy honey-sweetened peach popsicles -

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