6 Things You Cant Leave Guadalajara Mexico Without

This past summer, I took a trip with my best friend to live with her grandma in Guadalajara, Mexico for a month. I had never been outside of the country before so I had no idea what to expect; I was just excited to see all there was and try all the authentic food I could find. Guadalajara is a big city so here are a couple things you should spend time finding.

1. Birrote

Okay, you guys are probably about to leave this article thinking, “Did she really just start off with bread? She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” But before you leave, just let me explain my case—this isn’t just some prepackaged bread you find in a grocery store and stick in your freezer.

These amazing rolls were baked and delivered every morning, filling corner markets all over the neighborhoods. Crunchy on the outside and airy on the inside, these are the breads of our dreams. *Cue the Ratatouille scene when Collete presses the baguette and everyone leans in to hear the crunch.*

#SpoonTip: Toast these in the morning and top with refried beans, crema and chile for a fulfilling, traditional breakfast.

2. Outdoor Markets

Everyone always raves about farmers markets, but these outdoor markets would put LA hipsters to shame. Rows and rows of vendors selling fresh produce, varying from fresh chickens and handmade tortillas, to smaller treats such as chile-coated nuts and tamarindo candy.

You can also join the families gathered around scattered tables eating homemade pozole and tacos. Besides just food, the markets offer clothing, toys and souvenirs.

3. Fresh Fruit

Let’s just take a moment. Is this not the prettiest mango you’ve ever seen? If there was one thing that was way more abundant in Mexico, it was all of the fruit being sold (really cheap) everywhere.

Watermelon, jicama, pineapple, mango, papaya, cucumber, coconut, you name it. Literally every time we went out, either my friend or I bought the cut up fruit swimming in lime juice and chile. I think it’s safe to say I died and went to fruit heaven, and this mango flower was there to greet me at the welcome gates.

4. The Pan Truck

It doesn’t get much better than this—a truck that drives down through the neighborhood with freshly baked desserts and sweet breads. Loaded up with selections of pan dulce, cookies and custard filled goods, the truck’s jingle playing through its speakers immediately brought everyone out of their homes and into the street.

Fresh pastries you can get without even having to put shoes on? I’ll take two of everything, thanks.

5. Bionico

A classic treat to cool down with in the middle of summer: various sliced fruits including apples, cantaloupes, strawberries and bananas, topped with yogurt. Then pile on the toppings like granola, raisins, coconut, sprinkles or cherries.

It’s like a parfait‘s foreign exchange cousin, refreshingly sweet and satisfying, that everyone wants a spoonful of.

6. La Barranca de Huentitán

The only reason this isn’t #1 is because it isn’t food, but seriously, this is definitely THE top thing to experience in Guadalajara. “La Barranca” is a 4-mile hike that leads down to a picturesque river.

Be warned though, the hike back up the cobblestone pathway is intense—you’ll definitely feel it in your legs and glutes the next day. The short breath is worth it to see all the gorgeous views such as this one at the abandoned train tracks. The scenery is something you just don’t see in America and deserves to be appreciated.

#SpoonTip: Plan to spend at least three hours on the hike, depending on whether you run it like some locals or walk it and take pictures of the nature and insects (guilty).

So whether you’ve travelled to Guadalajara before or are a classic tourist like I was, hopefully this makes your trip easier. Maybe it might even make you book a flight?

Source: Spoon University

10 Celebrities with The Best Food Names

Our generation idolizes Hollywood. From fashion trends to diet trends, we follow their every move and often replicate them. Sometimes people idolize celebrities so much that they even name their children after their favorite stars. This list of celebs is special in that they all of one thing in common: FOOD.

I mean, what’s better then being named after something truly amazing, like a nice sizzling piece of bacon, or a sweet, juicy strawberry? If you can think of a more meaningful tribute to something as important as food, let me know.

1. Kevin Bacon

What an honor it must be to have one of the world’s best foods as your last name. From Footloose to X-Men, Kevin Bacon is a fan favorite, just like this bacon taco shell.

2. Halle Berry

A sweet name for a sweet soul, Halle Berry couldn’t be a more fitting name. Berries are the all around all-stars of fruit, just like Halle who is a world-class model, actress, and film producer (can you say triple threat?).

3. Stephen Curry

What do Stephen Curry and India’s staple flavor have in common? Well, besides the obvious, they are both the stars of their own sports. Want to be like Stephen in the kitchen? Try out this easy curry recipe even NBA stars have time for.

4. Heather Graham

Just like graham crackers are the shining star of s’mores, Heather Graham is a shining star in Hollywood. Starring in fan-favorites like The Hangover and Austin Power’s, this girl deserves a Grahammy.

5. Brie Larson

Much like her namesake suggests, Brie Larson is an award-winning actress. I mean, being named after one of the world’s most smooth and tasty cheeses has to set you up for success, am I right?

So next time you sit down and watch one of Larson’s many great appearances, try out this baked brie pastry to celebrate the success of this actress (and this cheese).

6. Candoleezza Rice

Just like rice is the MVP of many dishes, Condoleezza Rice is an MVP in life. As the first African-American female to serve as secretary of state, Rice is surely a smart cookie. Although some are lucky to share names with great foods, I think rice might be the lucky one here.

7. Sean Bean

With no relation to Lizzie McGuire‘s character, Beans, Sean Bean is an english actor who made his first professional appearance in a performance of Romeo & Juliet. Although he may have been picked on for that name at a young age, his haters must be begging for an autograph now.

8. Darryl Strawberry

Just as strawberries are one of the MVBs (most valuable berries), Darryl Strawberry was an MVP of Major League Baseball. With four World Series Championships under his belt, he is one of the most recognizable baseball players in history. However, with a name like Strawberry, you better be great.

9. John Hamm

Star of hit TV show “Mad Men,” John Hamm is a star player in Hollywood as both an actor and director. Like the food, John is one hot ham in the industry. Like ham is to New Jersey’s Famous Taylor Ham sandwiches, John Hamm is key to Mad Man’s cast.

10. Alyssa Milano

Like the cookie, Alyssa Milano is elegant and tasteful. As an actress, singer, and producer, Alyssa is fierce both on and behind the camera. Next time you whip out a bag of those tasty Milano cookies, be sure to pay tribute to this amazing star.

And the list goes on. It seems as though it’s a Hollywood standard to name your child after a food now-a-days (looking at you, Apple Paltrow). I mean, they say baby names with significance are the best ones, and what’s more significant than food?

Source: Spoon University

Have A Fancy Frugal Feast As A Student

Vancouver is an amazing city and with those crazy amazing views and crazy fun things to do, this city has been labelled as a place that is crazy expensive. However, taking a second look at the obvious and famous culinary options in this beautiful city, we will explore another facet of Vancouver: it’s cheap and downright sinful grub (or chow, we don’t judge). Aka, perfect for students like you and me.

Considering it’s the fall currently, this list will focus on food that will warm you from the inside out.

The first place that I have in mind is a Vancouver classic: Sura Korean Royal Cuisine. Aside from having wicked set menu (check that out), they are well known for having delicious and authentic Korean food that is sure to hit home with your tastebuds!

Although I can recommend everything here just due to the sheer quality of what I have already tried, I can say that my favourites from here are Gamja-Tang and the Galbi-Tang (Sura is the place I go to for soup)!

The Gamja-Tang consists of a rich (but surprisingly light) pork broth with succulent pieces of on-the-bone pork and silky chunks of potato. It’s an amazing Korean inspired take on the poor man’s meal as it’s not only extremely filling due to the potato, but also delicious as the broth is very flavourful.

In addition, I have fallen in love with the tamer Galbi-Tang. Succulent pieces of beef short rib boiled into an amazingly clear, white and milky soup with the addition of classic accoutrements such as glass noodles and egg. Where this soup takes a turn is that there is an amazing dipping sauce that consists simply of a sweet soy sauce that is balanced with wasabi (real wasabi might I add).

Mr. Red Café

The next frugal feast that I will show talk about is Mr. Red Café (It’s very close to the Vancouver campus). Anyone who is close to me knows that I have an unhealthy obsession with this cute little Vietnamese restaurant. Sometimes after class when I only have an hour to grab dinner and attend a meeting I will come here because I love the speedy service.

My favourite dish here has to be the Bún bò Hu?: a traditional Vietnamese soup consisting of a delicious and complex beef broth flavoured with shallots, lemongrass, and a whole slew of other aromatic ingredients.

Trust me, there is nothing better after three hours of lectures than seeing that steaming bowl of soup being delivered to your table. Take a sip, wonder how a soup can be so aromatic and sweet while meaty and herbaceous, smile, repeat.

Of course I cannot leave without talking about the Ph?. This restaurant serves some of the best and most authentic Ph? that I have ever had. When I took my Vietnamese friend here, she quickly remarked how authentic and complex their broth was. I passed the obsession onto her as well!

Although I love the extra aromatic and spicy punch of the Bún bò Hu?, I still come back to this classic. The best part? If you show your student card they will give you a 10% discount (you’re welcome).

Thai Basil

The third place that I had in mind is called Thai Basil. Although I have had better Thai food elsewhere, this joint serves up some of the most affordable Thai food I have ever seen. With lunch specials below $10 and a giant menu that caters to vegetarians and meat lovers alike, this place will win over your heart as soon as you step in.

My favourite item from their menu has to be the classic: Pad Thai. Their rendition is a little bit sweeter than what I consider optimal but it’s still delicious. With tender rice noodles, tofu, bean sprouts, and amazing shrimp, this dish will keep you full and ready to brace those harsh fall afternoons.

The Delly

Finally, the last place is kind of a cheap shot but it’s the Delly in the heart of the Nest. Little do people know that this gem right on campus has a 50% off deal on things such as sandwiches, salads, soups, etc. after 3:00PM on Fridays.

Finally, the last place is kind of a cheap shot but it’s the Delly in the heart of the Nest. Little do people know that this gem right on campus has a 50% off deal on things such as sandwiches, salads, soups, etc. after 3:00PM on Fridays.

I have come here so many times that I cannot really specify what my favourites are from here, but I can guarantee that all of their house made specialties (especially their soups and curries) are top notch and come up to less than $3.00 with the discount.

I truly hope that you guys have learned a thing or two about the cheap and frugal feasts that are available to you as a university student. If you’re willing to put a little bit of effort and go even five to ten minutes off campus, a piping hot bowl of Bún bò Hu? awaits you or if you’re willing to go a little further, definitely take advantage of Sura’s late night special deals!

Source: Spoon University

Purple Tree Truck on University of Arizonas Campus

As many of you know, college can be a difficult time to find healthy, delicious food. I was a little worried about that, until I was walking home one day and saw this food truck on the way back to my dorm. It was parked right outside my front door and I was immeditely intrigued. Living up to its name, The Purple Tree Truck just caught my eye.

My friend and I are obsessed with smoothies, so naturally, we had to stop and get one. For reasonable prices, we knew this would become our new go-to. Luckily, it tasted like a piece of home all the way back in Atlanta and we were so happy we found this underrated food truck on our campus at the University of Arizona.

The next time I went, I ordered an açaí bowl and it was one of the best and most refreshing foods I have ever tasted. The açaí bowl has granola, bananas, strawberries, sometimes mango, coconut shavings and sometimes peanut butter. It also has a special açaí smoothie blend.

It’s so funny now because whenever I see the truck, I can’t just walk past it. My friends and I always text each other when we spot it on campus because with this continuous hot weather, nothing is more refreshing than the taste of blended fresh fruit.

Since it is conveniently located by my dorm, I now know where to find a healthy snack. When I don’t have time to eat anywhere else, this is the perfect place to go.

The Purple Tree Truck is convenient, fast, and simply delicious. I follow the Instagram account so I can see where they are located daily. The food is fantastic and I really do look forward to it when I know it is a “Purple Tree Truck” kind of day. The gentleman who I believe owns the business is so kind. He makes the food very fast, so I can order, pay, and move on with my day!

The Purple Tree Truck offers smoothies, açaí bowls, healthy ice cream sandwiches (which I have yet to try) and more. I highly recommend this delicious spot for students or anyone who spots this in Tucson.

Source: Spoon University

What Instagram Foodporn Looks Like Around The

While North American food porn consists of burgers, pizza, chocolate, and more, Yelena Majova, from Qatar Computing Research Institute, used content analysis to determine what constitutes as food porn in other areas of the world.

Majova and her team analyzed 675,000 posts from 322 users on Instagram who have used the #FoodPorn hashtag to share their favourite snacks.

“We can use social media to observe the behaviour of people around the world […] the associations they make to foods, occasions, and each other, that may explain why [people] use it,” Majova said.

As Canadians, some of our food porn Instagrams consist of foods like pizza, poutine, coffee, cake, etc. However, we aren’t the only group of people around the world who have made the popular hashtag our own.

What did she find?

– Asian countries have the largest proportion of users dedicated to tracking their #FoodPorn experiences.

– Globally, people tend to Instagram fast food and sweets with the hashtag #FoodPorn. The top three foods are chocolate at 78% and cake at 41%. The top non-sweet foods include pizza, salad, sushi, and burgers.

– The top drink is coffee and the top alcohol is wine.

– Surprisingly, Nutella appears at the number 18 spot of top posts related to food porn.

– The most health-conscious regions are Northern and Western Europe, Austrailia, and New Zealand.

– The highest rate of unhealthy tags came from Brazil, Argentina, and France. Often the tag, #gordice—which derives from the term gordo meaning fat—appeared in Brazil. In France, the tag #gourmandise—meaning gluttony—appeared often.

– Posts having the highest social approval were healthy posts.

Argentina – Dulcedeleche

Cambodia – Curry

Cambodian cuisine, or Khmer food, share several similarities with its neighbours including India, Thailand and Vietnam, according to about travel. In Cambodia, Indian-based curries are among one of the popular dishes here.

Croatia – Pancakes

In Croatian culture, breakfast is a very important meal. In addition, rich pastries and cakes are popular, as stated by Every Culture. There are many recipes for traditional Croatian pancakes, check one out.

El Salvador – Pupusa

Pupusas is a traditional Salvadoran dish made of a thick, handmade corn tortilla. They are typically prepared with a variety of fillings.

Hong Kong – Matcha

Matcha doesn’t always have to be in tea form. If you find yourself in Hong Kong, this blogger outlines the best places to find matcha desserts in Hong Kong

Lebanon – Burger

Burgers aren’t always made with beef in Lebanon. According to Food in Every Country, the most common types of meat consumed in Lebanon include poultry and lamb. So try a different kind of ground meat when you make your next homemade burger.

United Arab Emirates – Cheesecake

According to Fortune Magazine, In 2011, Kuwait-based company Alshaya and U.S-based company Overton—which owns the Cheesecake Factory—partnered up and opened 22 Cheesecake Factories over five years in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar. This might be why cheesecake is one of the most popular food porn items.

Veitnam – Pho

Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup with broth, rice noodles, herbs and meat. It’s enjoyed all over the world.

The #FoodPorn hashtag is extremely popular around the world—as evident by Majova’s research. It’s the way we see food in a digital age. People post online versions of themselves through their social media accounts, and a large part of our online identity comes from understanding what our food choices are—and how we show them online.

People want to document the food the eat, the food they make, and sometimes even to show how healthy they’re eating. How else are we supposed to determine if we want to try a new restaurant if there isn’t a sexy photo of what we can expect to try? Not only are images of food porn online useful to consumers—it’s also useful to restaurants.

If you’re interested in reading more of Majova’s research—and other popular #foodporn items around the world—you can find it here.

Source: Spoon University

Microbeads In Your Face Wash Might Be In Your

During a lecture in one of my classes, my professor mentioned that fish in the ocean are eating face wash. I had never heard about this and didn’t exactly know what she was talking about, but being a fish and seafood lover, I definitely thought it was worth doing some research and here is what I found out.

What’s Going On

You know those little balls that are in a lot of face washes that are said to unclog your pores? Well, they are actually plastic microbeads. When you’re washing your face, these little microbeads go down the drain and end up in our rivers and oceans. Because the beads are so small, the drain can’t catch them, which is why they end up in our bodies of water.

About eight trillion microbeads end up in our waterways each day according to a study in Environmental Science and Technology. I have never really thought about where these beads go, but it is actually pretty important and we should be worried.

After making their way into the oceans and rivers, they absorb toxins in the water and are eventually eaten by fish and other marine life, the same animals that we end up eating. Not only are the toxins bad for both fish and people, but the plastic itself is as well. For example, plastic contains bisphenol A (BPA) which could cause cancer in people. I don’t know about you, but I definitely do not want to be eating plastic.

What’s Been Done About It

Turns out that this is such a big problem that it has even been voted on by Congress. In 2015, Obama passed the Microbead-Free Waters Act which banned the manufacturing of products containing microbeads by July 1, 2017 and the selling of these products by July 1, 2018.

While this is a good start, the only way to stop contributing to the pollution is to stop using products that contain microbeads since they will still be sold for over a year and half. If you don’t want to eat plastic, and I doubt our marine life does either, so help out the fish (who are both friends and food) and consider buying a new face wash.

Source: Spoon University

Grill Your Salmon Like A Real Alaskan

There is a reason that Alaskan salmon is consumed all over the United States—it’s rich flavor and color makes it simultaneously nutritious, satisfying, and diverse.

Growing up in Alaska, salmon is everywhere. Salmon eggs for breakfast, smoked salmon, grilled salmon, salmon dip for lunch, baked salmon for dinner; it’s salmon all the time.

Even though I am not living in Alaska anymore, I still grill salmon like I am. My favorite recipe is my father’s cedar board grilled salmon. It’s very simple to cook as long as you have a grill and a cold Alaskan brewskie to go along with it.

#SpoonTip: Cedar boards can be purchased at hardware stores such as Lowe’s in the grill and outdoor furniture section. You can also find cedar siding at a lumberyard, just be sure that it is untreated.

Source: Spoon University

What Your Favorite Food Emoji Says About You

Emojis are a part of everyday texting lingo. They express how we feel, what we’re in the mood for, and are used to enhance the perfect Instagram captions.

Egg in a Skillet: Basic and Down to Earth

You’re versatile and are down for anything, especially Sunday brunch and bottomless mimosas. You like to do, and eat familiar things, being very cautious and not taking big risks. Everyone loves you for your down to earth-ness and you will always be a crowd favorite.

Cherry: Lover

You’re a die-hard romantic. Long walks on the beach, intimate dinners, and watching the sunrise are some of your favorite activities. You are also a good kisser and expert wine taster. You enjoy surprising bae with flowers at work, fancy dinners, and giving meaningful presents. One wouldn’t be surprised to catch you out and about in your red lipstick.

Roses are red, pizza sauce is too. I just ordered a large, and none of it’s for you. You’re super trendy and with the times. You wear the newest styles and people look to you for inspiration. Like any pie with toppings, you like to take the basics and add your own flair. Everyone knows who you are, and you shine in the spotlight.

Martini: Exquisite

Classy, elegant and sophisticated. The martini emoji is for those who can afford the finer things in life, like guac at Chipotle. You enjoy only a select group of friends and are not a fan of huge frat parties. Instead, you like nights out at a swanky bar, sipping away while schmoozing the ridiculously hot business men.

Doughnut: Sneaky

You are the comedian of the friend group. You enjoy playing practical jokes, being mischievous, and making cheesy food puns. You do-nut care what other people think about you because you have such a loyal friend base.

Tough on the outside, sweet on the inside. You do not take anyone’s crap and everyone treats you like royalty because you wear a crown. You seem may seem mean at first, but once people get to know you, they love you for your sweet core.

Coffee: Multitasker

A true intellect, you enjoy poetry readings, sitting in Starbucks drinking “skinny” drinks, and just being a straight-up hipster. Or, you are a college student who procrastinates everything and needs all types of energy to stay awake. Either way coffee is life, especially in college when everything hits you at once.

Source: Spoon University

Lemon Blueberry Bread Deserves A Spot on Your

Blueberry bread has always been my favorite treats to pair with coffee or tea. It’s a perfect on-the-go snack, too. I found this lovely and simple recipe one afternoon and decided to give it a try.

I’m not one to make fresh baked goods from scratch but I decided to give it a go and it was easier than I expected. If this is your first time to the baking rodeo have no fear, an easy recipe is here. Make this lemon blueberry bread and you’ll have a slice of deliciousness just an arm’s length away.

Source: Spoon University