What Your Favorite Fries Say About You

We’ve all been there, the 12 am diner date after a long, long night. The go-to food is almost always a greasy one, which means a batch of fries will definitely be ordered. And by now we’ve all had way too many fries in our lifetime to not know which ones are our absolute favorites. Read on to find out what your favorite type of fries says about you.

1. Standard Cut

The classic fry choice makes you the typical go-with-the-flow kind of person. Your indecisive nature has you following others’ leads. The frills in life don’t matter to you, so you stay clear of finding too much joy in the extras. You tend to be the quiet one of the group, but don’t worry, your predictable nature labels you a reliable friend.

2. Waffle Fries

If your favorite is waffle fries, you are spontaneous and always ready to go on an adventure. When boredom strikes among your friends, you fill in the holes (get it?) by having creative ideas to pass the time. You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, which makes your silliness your best attribute.

3. Curly Fries

4. Crinkle-Cut

Because this is a rare find on any menu, you are deemed patient to have this one as your favorite fry. Your maturity and great sense of self have you taking on all of the leadership roles. People tend to gravitate towards how approachable you are, so make sure you are ready to be the spokesperson for your friend group.

5. Home Fries

This unique fry choice labels you as a down-to-earth type of individual. You like partying with your friends, but you really enjoy time to yourself. You usually stay in a few nights a week in order to recuperate and catch up on the activities you like doing. Because of this, you must make an effort to keep in touch with your friends so they know you still exist after hibernating for days.

Now that you know what your favorite types of fries say about you, will you stick to your guns or change your order?

Source: Spoon University

Breakdown of Taste of Bings Cake Sampling

If you make your way down Main Street, past the greasy slices and study hubs, you’ll find Delaware’s longest running bakery and a true UD treasure. Bing’s Bakery is taking it’s skills and wise generosity to the next level by offering a cake sampling every other month. The walk to Bing’s might seem long but is well worth it.

The first cake sampling was August 2016, with 300 people attending. With weather permitting, owner Carla hopes to officially have one every other month starting January 2017. Here’s a Breakdown of the best way to get free cake on campus:

Why They Do It

Questioning free food can be a hard road to go down, but in this case it means so much to a small business. It gives people the opportunity to fall in love at first bite with Bing’s while taste testing for a future event, whether it’s something already planned or not.

While a lot of students turn out to get their sugar fill for the day, families and couples take the time to seriously feel out their favorites.

What They Offer

There were no limits to what a single person can try during the sampling. Bing’s offered flavors for everyone, with October’s options being yellow, chocolate, strawberry, red velvet, pound cake and carrot cake. It’s good to let customers know how many options they have at any given time.

What some people consider to be the most important part of a cake is the icing. Bing’s had homemade chocolate, butter cream, cream cheese and strawberry icings that covered the cakes. You can’t beat butter cream made with real butter, even if there is a little bit of cake in the way.

The Real Winner

The real winners were my taste buds, but I mostly have the strawberry cake with strawberry icing to thank for that. Everyone with me agreed that we could all just taste the freshness of the icing with the strawberry flavor.

It was hard to abandon my favorite in order to try the rest, although they were all equally satisfying. Bing’s cake sampling put the unity back into dessert where it should be. Give yourself a chance to try some of the best cake at UD when the next Taste of Bing’s rolls around.

Source: Spoon University

Spoon Ud and Gamma Sigma Sigma Cooking Event

Spoon UD recently hosted a cooking event with the school’s chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma. As a member of both organizations, I knew I had to be there.

This event allowed for the Gamma Sigma Sigma girls and several members of Spoon to bond and make apple-themed desserts to celebrate fall. We used apples that we picked ourselves at Milburn Orchards for mini apple pies and caramel apples.

The Mini Apple Pies

We began by dicing our apples and putting them into a huge bowl. This was a communal effort that resulted in more apple pieces than we knew what to do with. The apples were tossed with cinnamon and sugar, a mixture that was so good people were sneaking some out of the bowl.

The Caramel Apples

Next on the list were caramel apples, a symbolic fall dessert. We skewered our apples and dunked them into a pool of warm, golden caramel. Then we added toppings galore, including chocolate, M&Ms and sprinkles. The hardest part was taking the apples off of the parchment paper. Let’s just say there was a lot of ripping and tearing involved.

One of the best ways to bring people together is through cooking, and this event proved just that. The girls of Gamma Sigma Sigma and Spoon UD were able to bond and create tasty treats in the process. You didn’t have to be a master chef to attend this event; all you needed was a couple of apples and some fall spirit. Everyone was proud of their creations, and left that night with full stomachs and new friends.

Source: Spoon University

Order At Starbucks If You Cant Have Dairy

When you walk into a Starbucks café, their menu of tiny, white, foreign-sounding words can be very overwhelming, especially when you have a food allergy. No need to worry — I have a clear-cut system to help anyone who follows a dairy-free diet, whether by force or choice. Follow this Starbucks dairy-free guide and enjoy drinking coffee again.

As most would assume, the easiest way to avoid dairy is to order a simple black coffee or any kind of tea, either iced or hot. But I know that everyone craves a latte every once in a while. Luckily, Starbucks’ menu is actually easy to navigate even with a dairy-free diet. There are three different options of alternative milks at most Starbucks across the country: soy, coconut, and as of recently, almond milk.

1. Skip the soy milk

In my experience, soy milk is not the best option for dairy-free milk. Soy milk, especially in the vanilla flavor, is thicker and sweeter than regular milk. The one time I ordered a vanilla latte with soy milk, I actually felt sick after drinking it as if I had just eaten a rich dessert. I’ve experienced regular lattes before I became allergic to dairy, so this alternative drink was traumatizing. Yes, lattes are supposed to be creamy, but not this thick to the taste.

I’ve also ordered a pumpkin spice latte with soy milk, which gave me the same unpleasant reaction. Not only is soy milk too sweet, it tends to hurt my stomach. Some of my friends have mentioned similar symptoms that pop up after drinking soy milk, which led me to do some research. I found out that it was in fact the milk that caused the pains in our stomachs because soy sensitivities are fairly common and appear through symptoms of sharp stomach pains.

The gist of it: I do not recommend using soy milk as a replacement to regular milk because I felt like I was drinking ice cream instead of coffee, and to top it all off, it made my stomach hurt.

2. Go for the coconut milk

Instead of soy milk, try asking for coconut milk. Coconut milk is slightly more watery in its consistency, so I find that it mixes better naturally in a latte. I personally love coconuts and all coconut-flavored things, but the milk itself does not have a very potent coconut flavor, especially when mixed with strong Starbucks coffee. So for those of you who may not like coconut as much as I do, try it before you form your opinion.

Not only does coconut milk taste better (in my opinion), but it is actually much healthier than the soy milk at Starbucks. On their website, Starbucks put a caloric milk calculator where you can see which type of milk is the healthiest in each drink they have on their menu. Just soy milk in a tall cup over ice is 210 calories, whereas the same serving of coconut milk is only 130 calories. This also goes for sugar content with soy having 21g and coconut only having 13g.

3. Know when to get the almond milk

If you are not a fan of coconut milk or soy milk, there’s also the new option of almond milk at Starbucks (for those of you who are not allergic to nuts). I tried it in my go-to drink, a pumpkin spice latte, but I found that the flavors did not mix well. I also discovered that almond milk is the most watery of all of Starbucks’ alternative milks, which made my coffee taste funky. But some people do enjoy the mixture of almonds and coffee, so try it to see what your taste palate says.

The best part about almond milk is that it is the best choice health-wise with only 100 calories and 6g of sugar in a tall Starbucks cup. If you want to drink a light and low-calorie latte, this is the milk to add.

4. Order Frappuccinos with no whip and no milk

However, this is probably the best opportunity to use soy milk, because this drink resembles ice cream, so the sweetness and the thickness would work in favor of the Frappuccino’s taste. I would suggest staying away from the healthy option of almond milk here because it is just too watery for this creamy and icy beverage.

Don’t forget that Frappuccinos come with whipped cream on top. Tell them no, thank you, and after this you should be able to enjoy a dairy-free Frappuccino.

5. Skip the protein smoothies

6. Enjoy the dairy-free munchies

Lastly, after you order your dairy-free coffee or cold beverage, you will probably look at the pastry display. I know I’m always hungry for a quick snack or dessert to go with my Starbucks drink. But sadly, a dairy-free diet means no cookies with icing or buttery croissants that look extra delicious in that display case. Have no fear, I did research on every Starbucks pastry to outline the dairy-free guide to eating at Starbucks as well.

One of the most surprising dairy-free treats at Starbucks is pumpkin bread. This pumpkin bread contains simple ingredients like oil, pumpkin, and flour. Even their banana bread and pumpkin muffins contain milk ingredients, so I honestly could not believe that dairy-free folks can enjoy this fall treat just like everyone else.

Some other great bread alternatives to pumpkin bread include their 8 grain roll, cinnamon raisin bagel, plain bagel, and multigrain bagel. While dairy-free bagels aren’t too much of a shock, it is nice that Starbucks offers so many different flavors. This is a great option to pair with morning coffee for breakfast.

Starbucks’ chewy chocolate cookie also contains no dairy ingredients, which is unheard-of for someone with a dairy allergy. The chocolate is not made with milk, but with cocoa butter and chocolate liquor. If you are in the mood for a dessert when you are near a Starbucks, this is a great dairy-free option.

To me, this is all really surprising and impressive. Starbucks really makes an effort to provide dairy-free drinks and food for its customers. They do, however, state that with products like the pumpkin bread, “We cannot guarantee that any of our products are free from allergens (including dairy, eggs, soy, tree nuts, wheat and others) as we use shared equipment to store, prepare and serve them.” So beware if you have an allergy, especially to dairy, that will affect you even through traces or ingredient contact.

If you are lactose intolerant, allergic when ingesting the actual product, or on a dairy-free diet, Starbucks has options available for you that taste just as delicious as products with dairy. I say thank you, Starbucks, for being one of the few chain restaurants to step up to the issue of accessibility for dairy-free dining.

Source: Spoon University

Top Tex Mex Spots In Dallas

Whether you’re from Dallas or just visiting, you must savor the fact that unlike many other cities, there is delicious Mexican food on every corner of Dallas. Several of the popular Tex-Mex chains have gained such widespread praise that locations have opened up all over the country in an attempt to spread our culinary wealth.

No matter the location or atmosphere, you truly can’t go wrong with Tex-Mex in Dallas. With that being said, some hot spots are more popular than others, due to their good food and even better vibes. Here are the ones we tend to frequent:


Must eat: Street Tacos

When Dallas natives think of the words “Tex-Mex” and “hang out,” they probably almost immediately think of Primo’s. Their huge, vibrant patio draws customers in, and their delicious food and drinks convince them to stay

Must drink: Margarita

Maybe this is a basic choice, but every Monday and Tuesday these bad boys are only $2.00, so you really just have to trust me on this one. It’s #WorthIt

Uncle Juilio’s

Must eat: Fajitas

This Dallas original has gained several recognitions in the Dallas community, including “Best Plates”, “Best Margaritas”, and “Where to Find Real Tex-Mex”. You can’t go wrong with their sizzling platters served with plenty of grilled veggies, other toppings, and house made tortillas.

Must drink: The Frozen Swirl Margarita

Do you want a frozen marg or a frozen sangria? Why choose? This amazing drink swirls the restaurant’s two most popular drinks into one large, frosty glass.

Cantina Laredo

Must eat: Enchiladas Veracruz

With a bit more class but still all the fun, Cantina Laredo prides itself on serving the finest modern Mexican cuisine, a favorite for families everywhere. The Enchilada Veracruz is a house favorite that you just have to try to figure out why. Chicken, spinach, and jack cheese in the best trio since the Three Amigos themselves.

Must drink: Cantina Mojito

A good change of pace from the typical Tex-Mex margarita, this mojito can be served with pomegranate, strawberry, or mango flavors to truly satisfy the wild-spring-break-girl in you.


Must eat: Butch’s Original Brisket Taco

Texans don’t love anything more than thick-cut brisket and warm, cheesy tacos. Mia’s is “committed to providing the highest quality good with super fresh ingredients.” This mission combined with their brightly colored interior just ensures you have to be merry here.

Must drink: Skinny Margarita

For those of you who are dieting but still want to have fun. Cheers!


Must eat: Bob Armstrong Dip

Mattito’s has a more casual yet vibrant environment that serves as a favorite Tex-Mex hangout for people all over Dallas. The atmosphere here is always light and happy, but the drinks will make you even happier. Technically a secret menu item (you’re welcome), this amazing combination of chile con queso, seasoned ground beef, guacamole, and a dollop of sour cream serves as the perfect beginning to a perfect meal.

Must drink: Rumbarita

Blue Caraco and Gold Tequila with lime and lemon juices. You are limited to two per meal. Have your Uber ready.


Must eat: “Big As Yo Face” Burrito

This Austin-based chain is complete with amazing Tex-Mex dishes and servers dressed in quirky and pun-derful t-shirts, just to keep it interesting. Hungry? No problem. As advertised, their giant burritos come with your choice of meat filling, smothered in a sauce of your choosing. Simply amazing.

Must drink: Texas Martini

Create your own with your choice of premium tequila and a choice of citrus liqueur mix. Served with jalapeño stuffed olives for an extra kick of flavor and fun.


Must eat: Manny’s Uptown Platter

A delicious Tex-Mex eatery in walking-distance to the Uptown bars. It’s every yuppie’s dinner dreams come true. Technically, their famous Uptown Platter is an appetizer. But, if you share this with a friend or two, I guarantee you will be satisfied and will have tried a good portion of the menu by the end of the night.

Must drink: Peach Strawberry Margarita

For when you’re feeling slightly girly and really fun, or you’re just tired of the classic lime margarita. No judgment on your reasoning, because this drink is as tasty as it is pretty.

Mi Cocina

Must eat: Sunset Fajitas

I would bet the scant amount of dollars in my bank account that if you were to ask anyone in Dallas what their go-to Tex-Mex chain is, they would immediately answer Mi Cocina. Spicy sunset cheese sauce, fried onion strings, and tender chicken or beef. Need I say more?

Must drink: Mambo Taxi

Another sangria/margarita fusion, and listed by Buzzfeed as one of the 101 Reasons You Should Live in Texas at Least Once in Your Life.

Source: Spoon University

Northampton Cafe is So Good It Could Make Even

One of the best parts about going to school in Western Massachusetts are the towns: Amherst, North Hampton, Hadley. It’s the cute restaurants, small coffee shops and local hang-outs that give these towns their Gilmore Girls “Stars Hallow” type scenery making you feel all warm and cozy on the inside.

I am making a conscious effort to explore all the best places in these towns before my stay at UMass is over in two years (yes, I have a bucket list) because these places are TOO good to pass up.

Whilst scrolling on Instagram I came across a fellow UMass student’s picture of some avocado toast and a açaí bowl and the location of the photo was Nourish Wellness Cafe in North Hampton, MA. I don’t know about you but those two foods together in one place that was 20 minutes away from my school is literally a dream come true.

I grabbed my phone in excitement and went onto the cafe’s website. As my eyes scanned the menu I was truly amazed at what I saw. Smoothies, açaí bowls, avocado toast, Buddha Bowls of kale, rice, cabbage, sauces and seeds, juices, overnight oats and even chia pudding all made from locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. As I shared the good news of Nourish with my roommate, we set a date to go before class and awaited our trip eagerly.

When we arrived it was clear everything about this place is nothing less than what you would expect. The colorful, modern and warm decor and design matches the bright and fresh color and quality of the food. The service is fast and the staff and locals are kind and offer quaint conversation.

If this place wasn’t advertised as gluten-free and vegan I whole heartily swear you would have no idea. The food is just honest-to- goodness wholesome, healthy and sustainable food. You won’t miss the meat, you won’t miss the dairy and you really won’t miss the gluten. This place is what more restaurants should be and I am so glad they opened their doors last year and blessed us with the greatness they offer.

Source: Spoon University

Weight Standards In The Armed Forces Are Far

I will always place the mission first. I will never accept defeat.

I will never quit.

I will never leave a fallen comrade.

These are the Warrior Ethos. One of the things that defines an American soldier.

People join the armed services for all types of reasons. Some want to experience danger and take risks. Some want to take a different career path, and not work the typical 8-5 workday. Some want to truly embrace what it means to be American, and sacrifice anything they can for the ones they love.

For those and reasons and many others, there are approximately 1.4 million people serving in our armed forces today, many faced with the daily physical challenge of being an American soldier—everything from running, push-ups, pull-ups to jumping out of planes and belaying into combat zones. These tasks can be grueling on the body, but that is what you sign up for when you join the military.

Another thing that the military tests you on is your body composition. Each branch of the armed forces has a height and a weight standard and a method of testing each. Here is a little history about the Army specifically: the Army’s height and weight standards are regulated in accordance AR 600-9, the FM (Field Manual) appropriately titled The Army Body Composition Program, or ABCP for short. The FM originated as a way to enforce standards across units and ensure soldiers are at “an optimum level of individual readiness” (AR 600-9, 3).

The Army program requires soldiers to meet a prescribed body fat level, indicated in the table below, dependent on gender, height, and age. A soldier’s height and weight is taken first. If those numbers do not fall in the respective guidelines, a method called ‘taping’ is used to further determine body fat. This “circumference-based taping method” (AR 600-9, 3) is the only authorized method for determining body fat in the Army.

In addition, “Commanders have the authority to direct a body fat assessment on any Soldier that they determine does not present a Soldierly appearance, regardless of whether or not the Soldier exceeds the screening table weight for his or her measured height” (AR 600-9, 3). Now, to explain the taping process a little more. It happens in three steps (female) and two steps (male) and is outlined in Appendix B:

First, a neck measurement, measured just below the larynx and rounded up to the nearest half inch.

Then an abdomen measurement. The abdominal circumference is taken near the belly button or waist.

Finally, for females, a hip measurement is taken over the widest part of the soldiers hips.

Three measurements of each step are taken and averaged together. These measurements in conjunction with height, are then used to determined body fat percentage. An example calculation is shown below.

And just like that, males with a body percentage greater than 20% and females with a percentage greater than 30% are considered unfit for the Army. The percentages do get slightly greater with age, however.

Some of the soldiers who fail this test are indeed overweight and do need the counseling and support that the Army can provide. Overweight soldiers are provided a personal coach to establish goals and timelines with them. They receive monthly weigh-ins and body percentage checks to ensure that they are on track. They are referred to nutritionists and physical trainers as well as regularly checked up on by their coach for guidance. They should have everything they need in order to achieve success.

The problem, however, lies with the people that aren’t actually overweight, but still do not meet weight standards. These soldiers may exemplify all the characteristics of a good soldier and be an excellent addition to any company or platoon. They may to be able to run faster or jump higher than other soldiers, but if they are not meeting these standards, they run the risk of being dismissed from the Army all together. Their career is on the line.

A reason for this is that the taping method has been proved widely inaccurate. According to Dr. Jordan Moon, the director of the Sports Science Center Research Institute in Denver, “it doesn’t account for muscle, it just accounts for size.” This puts muscular soldiers at a large disadvantage. An article by Staff writer Jon Anderson dives even deeper into this topic.

In May 2013, the source he writes for, Tape test protest: One Marine takes his body-fat fight to the top, measured 10 service members both using a tape test and a hydrostatic dunk tank, one of the most accurate ways to gauge body fat. Variation in the numbers was between 12% and 66% (!), with the dunk tank always reading a lower result.

One female soldier consistently taped at 32% body fat (barely in regulation) but had a dunk tank score of 21%. Even if the tape test is only off by a couple percent, it could be the difference between a career-ending score and a good one.

I was fortunate enough to interview an anonymous Army ROTC cadet who was repeatedly subjected to the tape test during her three years in the program.

“It sucks. Every time I am in that room, with my shirt pulled up and the tape wrapped around my waist, my sergeant sitting in the corner, saying ‘I swear it will be the last time.’ But it never is.”

She went on to say that, “The worst part is that they know this isn’t the best method. They know I contribute so much more to this program than a number will ever be able to say. But it happens anyways.”

Other branches of the military are facing similar difficulties as BCP enrollees and discharges are on the rise; in 2011, the Department of Defense. In 2015, that number rose to 7.8%. Even the Marine Corp has doubled the number of discharges due to BCP since 2011.

Staff Sergeant Smith’s case was an extreme one, however there are some positives that come along with doing the tape test. When you are faced with the task of finding the body fat of 100 soldiers, it is the cheapest and easiest way. And for most soldiers, it works.

Right now, there is no solution for that one. Soldiers in all branches of the United States Military are faced with BCP-related problems that affect their daily life, job, and service to their country. They are forced into this mindset that losing weight will make them a better soldier, when that isn’t always the case. Both the Body Composition Program and much-debated tape test are pieces of the military that have a long-standing history. And we all know history is hard to change.

Source: Spoon University

6 Warm Fall Drinks That Should Only Be Enjoyed

Now that fall is here, it is turning into the time when all you want to do is curl up with a warm drink. In a time filled with mid-terms, deadlines, and stressful holiday planning, sometimes you need to take a lazy day. Here are the six best fall mug drinks t0 make you smile this season.

1. French Hot Chocolate

Everyone had heard of normal hot chocolate–the one that comes in the Swiss Miss packets–but what if there was something even better. Imagine a drink consisting of primarily of melted chocolate, that is exactly what this is. With a preparation time of eight minutes, it does not even take that long to make. This bougie drink will lighten up anybodies day.

2. Homemade Pumpkin Spiced Latte

And the plus side of making this drink at home is you do not need to see the barista’s disappointed face at Starbucks as he sees you in Uggs ordering a PSL; you can bask in your own “basic-ness” at home.

3. Homeade Caramel Apple Cider

4. White Chocolate Latte

5. Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Update: your favorite cupcake has just became a drink. While this goes with any season, it screams fall. With the red hot chocolate and creamy cream cheese whipped cream, this is something that you can drink for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and never get sick of it. The great thing about this fall drink is that it carries into winter as well. This seasonal drink could make anybody smile.

6. Hot Vanilla Chai Latte

You will not find me studying for long periods of time without this drink by my side. This is a great drink for midterms when you need a break from pure caffeine, or when you just want a drink to lighten your mood. Cinnamon is a pure essential of fall, and it is one of the main ingredients in this drink. Out of all of these drinks, out of all of these drinks I would recommend trying this one first.

These drinks will make your fall even better, and will immediately become staples of your fall season recipes. Each sip will bring you back to leaves falling, sweater weather, and apple picking.

Source: Spoon University

Best Foods I Ate on Wisconsin vs Ohio State Game

As the #1 College Town in America AND #1 Party School, you would think life couldn’t get any better for the Badgers. Add in a night game against the “almighty” Ohio State, plus ESPN College Game Day and you have the most perfect weekend imaginable for a Wisconsin college student.

You think that since it’s a night game you get to sleep in right? Think again. We set our alarms for 8 am. Time for the Dane County Farmer’s Market. First stop: Stella’s Hot & Spicy Cheese Bread. Two words: life-changing. Imagine a huge warmed-up roll of Challah bread with melted cheese inside.

Next goal: Mark’s Award Winning Cinnamon Rolls, pumpkin cream cheese muffins, giant M&M‘s cookies, Old-Fashioned potato buttermilk donuts, fruity scones, and chocolate oat bars. Finally, after strolling by endless vegetable stands, we found ourselves at the vendor with the fried cheese.

I think everyone can relate to having approximately 20 pieces of the pizza cheese fired up on the grills. AND to top it off, for Ohio State weekend, they pulled out the special cranberry cheese. It sounded weird at first, but again, it was life-altering.

Then, it was time for some infamous Wisconsin beer, brats, and gooey cheese curds at the bars. This is the pre-pre-game. We snuggled up in a booth with friends and family gathered around and watched the other college football games on the TVs.

3 o’clock started to roll around and we were ready to hit the tailgates. Full stomach, full hearts, can’t lose. Langdon was popping with students running around in a sea of red. All you could hear was screaming, laughing, and blaring music. Empty Natty light cans scattered the the sidewalks. Red solo cups matched the outfit of every Badger fan.

Time for the pre-game meal. You obviously need a full belly before making the trek to Camp Randall. If you were in the mood for the classic, you headed to Ian’s to grab a slice (or 5) of mac n’ cheese pizza OR headed to PDR to grab a slice with a side of garlic knots. Some people even went to Mooyah to design their own burger with a shake on the side.

It was finally time. Kick-off at 7 pm under the lights. Wisconsin stayed in the lead for three quarters and students treated themselves to warm pretzels and some treated themselves to cheesy nachos. By this time, we all were beyond proud that the boys were kicking some major Buckeye a**.

During overtime, I seriously thought I was about to suffer from a severe meltdown and tantrum. Well, when we lost, I dropped to the ground and cried… cue in the emotional eating.

At this point, it is thunderstorming and all Badger fans looked like their hearts got stomped on. So, naturally, I was a girl on a mission for ice cream. Most people were too sad to go anywhere at this point so they resorted to picking up some Ben & Jerry’s at Fresh Market on their way home. Meanwhile, I resorted to Insomnia Cookies, where I found some much-needed solace.

To sum it up, Ohio State weekend was a weekend filled with many, for lack of a better word, “ratchet,” emotions. Basically a roller coaster. But the two lessons learned from this are: 1. Ohio State is a state that sucks and 2. food is the solution to everything.

Source: Spoon University

30 Recipes To Make Every Day of National Peanut

Peanut butter is definitely one of the top five best-processed spreads ever. I can scoop it out of a jar with an Oreo if I’m feeling chocolatey, celery if I’m feeling healthy, and just a spoon literally any time. When it comes to spreads, I even think it beats Nutella (cue the hate mail).

November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month, and it’s easy to celebrate with these nutty recipes.

Day 1: Peanut Butter Freezer Fudge

For day one we start with a super simple recipe that doesn’t even require an oven. This 5-ingredient fudge will make you forget chocolate fudge even exists.

Day 2: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Banana Milkshake

While the name of this treat is a mouthful, the shake itself is just as massive. With this recipe, you might give Black Tap a run for its money.

Day 3: No Bake Peanut Butter Bites

With this simple recipe, there’s no reason not to make such chocolatey peanut balls.

Day 4: Peanut Butter S’mores Pizza

You love peanut butter, but you don’t love November or Fall weather. Daydream back to summer days with this twisted s’mores recipe featuring your favorite nut butter.

Day 5: Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Biscotti

Your Nonna will flip out after trying this take on an Italian classic. Chocolate and peanut butter is a combo that will never go wrong.

Day 6: 10-Minute Gluten Free Banana Blender Muffins

This crowd pleaser is easy to make, and your pro-gluten friends won’t even notice the difference.

Day 7: 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

Need to make cookies for a party you for forgot about? These only take 20 minutes. Need to please your gluten-free and pro-gluten friends? These have no gluten, but don’t lack the cookie consistency you might think they do. We have a winner.

Day 8: Puppy Chow for People

Sometimes peanut butter is best when it’s used stealthily. Like in this puppy chow—it helps all the sugar and chocolate mesh with the Chex mix. Aka this recipe is another reason to be grateful for PB.

Day 9: No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

Chocolate and peanut butter never get old. Neither do 3-ingredient recipes like this one.

Day 10: 11-Layer Pumpkin Peanut Butter S’mores Bars

When I think of November, the first think that comes to mind is Thanksgiving, and with Thanksgiving comes pumpkin pie. Combine all the best sweet treats—pumpkin pie, s’mores, and peanut butter bars—to create this masterpiece. Recipe here.

Day 11: Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Impress your roommates and make this simple recipe because lazy people deserve desert too.

Day 12: Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Spread

Give Nutella a run for its money with this recipe.

#SpoonTip: Scoop this into your oatmeal and have dessert for breakfast.

Day 13: Homemade Peanut Butter

Take DIY to the next level and make this peanut butter that you can use in all these other recipes.

Day 14: Peanut Butter Hummus

Savory and nutty. Celery will find it’s new home in this hummus recipe.

Day 15: Thai Peanut Soba Noodles

Take PB to the dinner table and upgrade your noodles in the process with this recipe.

Day 16: No Bake Peanut Butter Marshmallow Bars

Microwave this recipe for a quick treat better than a Rice Krispies Treat. No oven necessary.

Day 17: 3-Ingredient Salted Peanut Butter Cups

This recipe is great because the options to customize are endless. Switch out smooth PB for chunky or dark chocolate for white chocolate.

Day 18: Peanut Butter Buckeyes

I had never heard of Buckeyes before seeing this recipe. I’m glad I did though because now I can thank the state of Ohio for something—another reason to eat PB.

Day 19: Apple Peanut Butter Honey Toast

Make peanut butter toast the new avocado toast with this recipe. You won’t miss the jelly with the apples added in. This recipe is also proof that peanut butter doesn’t always HAVE to go with chocolate to count as sweet.

Day 20: Banana Bread Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

Day 21: Peanut Butter and Jelly Donuts

This spin on a classic American delicacy may look like a daunting task, but this video shows just how easy these actually are to make.

Day 22: Healthy Peanut Butter Chia Bars

Snack-prep never looked so good with this recipe in hand. Chia = health, chocolate = candy making this recipe a winner.

Day 23: Peanut Butter Noodles

By now you’re probably down a jar or two of peanut butter. Don’t throw away that almost empty jar yet. Savor ever last scoop by trying this recipe.

Day 24: Peanut Butter Cup Protein Shake

I never met a peanut butter and chocolate combo I didn’t like. This recipe masks any chalky flavor you might get from mixing protein powder with water so blend this recipe up full speed ahead.

Day 25: No Bake Peanut Butter and Oreo Pie

Day 26: Banana Peanut Butter Granola Bars

Day 27: Girl Scout Tagalongs

This recipe re-creates the classic Girl Scout Tagalongs with the help of Quest bars and peanut butter. You can eat this pre or post workout and still feel fit.

Day 28: Peanut Butter and Nutella Pin Wheels

The only hard part about making this recipe is not licking the peanut butter Nutella covered spoon.

Day 29: Peanut Butter Cup Cream Cheese Spread

Cream cheese will never be the same once you taste this recipe. Neither will bagels. Or bread.

Day 30: Peanut Butter Bacon Sandwich

End this month in a peanut butter coma with this salty-sweet recipe.

Source: Spoon University