100+ Healthy Christmas and Holiday Dessert Recipes

Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chip Oat Sorghum Cookies - these are a wonderful addition to your holiday cookie tray - they're healthy and naturally gluten-free too!

Enjoy your holidays with one or more of these Healthy Christmas and Holiday Dessert Recipes. Cookies, cakes, tarts and sweet treats never looked so good!

Peanut Butter Strawberry Jam Bar Cookies © Jeanette's Healthy Living

(Pictured from Top to Bottom, Left To Right: Skinny Berry Cheesecake Trifle , Cherry Coconut Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies , No-Bake Vegan Chocolate Tart , Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups , Gluten-Free Spritz Cookies , Strawberry Whipped Cream Santas , Chocolate Mint Brownies , Chewy Ginger Molasses Cookies , Insanely Good Chocolate Brownies , Cranberry Clementine Coconut Bars , Cranberry Apple Maple Crisp , Prosecco Soaked Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries , Almond Chocolate Thumbprints , Pomegranate Poached Pears , Triple Ginger Gingersnaps , Mini Vegan Chocolate Chip Berry Pies , Peanut Butter and Jam Bars , Apple Pear Crisp , Peanut Butter Cookies with Dark Chocolate Drizzle , Cranberry Gingerbread Upside Down Cake , Crockpot Peppermint Fudge )

Updated to include even more delicious holiday treats.

Today, I’ve got a HUGE roundup of 100+ Healthy Christmas and Holiday Dessert Recipesfrom lots of fellow foodie bloggers. Each of these recipes has a healthy twist, whether it’s using whole grain flour or nut flour in place of white flour, unrefined sugar in place of white sugar, applesauce in place of butter/oil, or using lighter versions of ingredients in place of full-fat ones. In addition, many of these recipes are allergy-friendly and specific diet-friendly, meaning they are gluten-free or gluten-free adaptable (e.g., when oats are called for, use gluten-free oats), dairy-free, egg-free,vegan (dairy and egg-free), or paleo-friendly. I’ve made a note of recipes that fit any of these special dietary considerations.

No one wants to feel like they’re missing out during the holiday season, so treat yourself to some of these healthier desserts. Even better, make extras to give away to friends and neighbors. After all, the holiday season is all about giving.

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of Healthy Christmas and Holiday Dessert Recipes and find some healthy holiday inspiration in these recipes!

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Source: Jeanette’s Healthy Living